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Experience Luxury Waxing

At our Karma Seven Day Spa, we believe everyone deserves the best in self-care and grooming. We encourage you to try our quality waxing services, designed to provide you with great results and a relaxing spa experience.

Increase Your Grooming Experience
We know hair removal is delicate. We’ve built a sanctuary where you can rest and treat yourself away from the daily grind. Expect this from our waxing services:

1. Premium Waxing Products
We prioritize your comfort and happiness. To provide a smooth and efficient waxing experience, we only utilize the best products. Our products give exceptional results while being gentle on the skin.

2. Professional Waxers
Your comfort and well-being are our first priority. Our waxers are trained to wax precisely and efficiently. They know the technique and will make your waxing session pleasant.

3. Luxurious Private Spa
Enter our private spa for peace and seclusion. We think the atmosphere is crucial to your experience. Our tranquil spa lets you relax as we groom you.

4. Customized Waxing
We provide a variety of procedures to suit your needs, from simple touch-ups to full waxing. We cover eyebrows legs and more.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority
Your comfort is our first focus at our spa. We know waxing is delicate, therefore we try to make it painless and fun. Choosing our waxing services means:

Quality: We utilize quality goods and the highest hygienic standards to assure your safety and pleasure.

Expertise: Our waxing specialists will carefully and precisely guide you through the procedure.

In addition to hair removal, we provide a spa experience that rejuvenates body and mind.

Get the comfort and luxury you deserve. Our quality waxing treatments leave you confident, invigorated, and well-groomed. You deserve the finest, so indulge.

Arm Wax (Full Arm) (30 min)
Back Wax (15 min)
Bikini Line (Front) (15 min)
Bikini Line (Front and Back) (15 min)
Brow and Lip Wax Combo (30 min)
Brow Shape and Tint (30 min)
Buttocks (Strip Only) (15 min)
Chest Wax (30 min)
Chin Wax (15 min)
Eyebrow Wax Design/Brow Mapping (15 min)
Forearm Wax (Half Arm) (15 min)
Full Bikini (Front and Back) (15 min)
Full Body Wax (Front, Back and Sides) (105 min)
Full Brazilian Wax (Front and Back) (15 min)
Full Brazilian Wax (Front) (60 min)
Full Buttocks Wax (15 min)
Full Stomach Wax (15 min)
Jawline Wax (15 min)
Leg Wax (Full Leg) (30 min)
Leg Wax (Half Leg) (15 min)
Lower Stomach (Under Navel) Wax (15 min)
Nostril Wax (15 min)
Stomach (Strip) (15 min)
Under Arm Wax (15 min)
Upper Lip Wax (15 min)
Waxing the Cheeks of Your Face (15 min)

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      To our valued clients. As you know, supply chain challenges and labor issues are affecting the prices of everything around us. We are not immune from this at Karma Seven. We're proud to have kept our doors open to serve you. Please note that some of our services have a small prices adjustment over 2021 due to circumstances out of our control. We appreciate your understanding and continued patronage.

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