Vanquish ME – Your Secret Weapon

Unlock the Power of Vanquish ME

Vanquish ME stands as the cutting-edge second generation of contactless technology for disrupting fat cells. Setting a new industry standard, this device boasts the largest treatment area, ensuring an unparalleled level of patient comfort and safety, all without limitations related to BMI (Body Mass Index).

Powered by the patented Selective RFTM technology, Vanquish ME targets the reduction of the circumference of the entire abdominal area or the inner and outer thighs. It achieves this by selectively heating and disrupting fatty cells. This disruption results in the shrinkage of these cells, and they are naturally eliminated by the body.

Vanquish is your secret weapon for achieving a more contoured and confident you. Discover the transformative possibilities with Vanquish ME at Karma Seven Day Spa and unlock your true potential for a better, more confident you.

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Vanquish at Karma Seven Day Spa - Your Secret Fat Cell Disruptor

Fast & Easy

Each session takes 45 minutes and there is no downtime afterwards since it is a non-invasive and contactless procedure. Comfort is the main advantage of Vanquish compared to other therapies, so lie back and relax. You’ll feel a warm sensation in the treatment area for a few hours after, which is completely normal and is the treatment working.

Enjoy permanent fat reduction with results that are visible even after years! Treatment recommendations are 4-6 sessions, 45 minutes each, scheduled 1 week apart. The results are best when paired with Karmasculpt and a nutrition regimen.

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