Male Shockwave Therapy at Karma Seven Day Spa

Male Shockwave Therapy at Karma Seven Day Spa

Male Shockwave Therapy at Karma Seven Day Spa: Elevate your sexual wellness and experience improved sensations and erections through our innovative penile shockwave therapy.


Men of all ages may have problems with their sexual health as they get older. You’re not the only one with these worries, even though it can be hard to discuss them. A good way for men to improve their sexual health is to use penile shockwave treatment with the Alma Duo™. As a simple way to improve blood flow to the penis, this technique uses sound energy. A treatment known as low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy is used to do this.

As an alternative to invasive surgeries, prescription drugs, or corrective devices, this new method is a non-invasive way to improve sexual health. Karma Seven Day Spa offers penile shockwave treatment for those who want to improve the quality of their erections, feel more intense emotions and make their sex life more spontaneous.

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How is treatment with the Alma Duo done?

Penile shockwave therapy using the Duo by Alma is an in-office treatment that takes roughly 15 minutes to conduct. The advanced Duo handpiece will be passed over the target area to enhance blood circulation. This treatment does not lead to discomfort or require surgical methods, which makes it an ideal recovery-free treatment.

What is healing like after treatment using the Duo?

Since the Alma Duo does not call for surgery, pills, or sedation, patients can continue their usual schedule following their treatment. No healing is needed, making this therapy an excellent solution for men having troubles with erectile dysfunction.

How long will my results last?

The outcomes reaped from the Duo device are long-lasting. Most individuals state that their results remain for roughly one year. Generally, we recommend a series of six procedures in a month to see great outcomes. Our team typically schedules sessions twice every week for three consecutive weeks.