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Laser Nail Fungus Treatment at Karma Seven Day Spa

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment: Rediscover healthy, beautiful nails with our cutting-edge laser nail fungus treatment.


Have you seen a difference in the way your fingernails or toes feel? In some cases, they may have gotten larger or turned white or yellow. These could be signs of fungal growth in the skin. At Karma Seven Day Spa, our highly trained professionals know how to spot and treat nail fungus so that you can feel better from the pain it can cause. We are happy to offer cutting-edge laser treatment for nail growth using the cutting-edge Harmony XL PRO by Alma. Over-the-counter creams and lotions don’t always work to get rid of nail fungus; sometimes you need professional help. If you think you might have a nail fungus problem, please call our Plantation, FL spa right away to set up an appointment. Let us help you get your nails back to being healthy and beautiful.   request an appointment


What number of treatments is recommended for nonsurgical nail fungus treatment?

While significant results may be observed after just one visit, most patients should require 3 – 4 visits in order to be sure that the fungal disease has been completely treated. These additional treatments will be planned a few weeks away from each other to provide the best possible end result.

Does my insurance work for nonsurgical nail fungus treatment?

Since this procedure is held to be an elective treatment, it will generally not be covered under your insurance. However, laser nail fungus treatment is exceptionally useful for destroying difficult-to-remove fungus. Call Karma Seven Day Spa in Plantation, FL now if you wish to receive this procedure, and our knowledgeable team will discuss specifics concerning financial alternatives to help you address any obstruction to your well-being.

What makes fungus form under the nails?

Microscopic organisms, or fungi, are the cause of the issue of nail fungus disorders. If they are able to find a home underneath your fingernail or toenail, they begin to promptly increase in number and escalate. Frequent causes of infections under the nail are cracked nails or small cuts in the skin surrounding the nail.

What may happen if fungal nail disorders are not correctly cared for?

The uninterrupted expansion of a nail fungal infection will usually result in trouble walking, staying active, and possibly participating in everyday jobs, including using a keyboard. In addition, your nails will begin to be even more delicate over time. For these reasons, it is vital to begin to fix the nails by using laser nail fungus procedures at the initial indication of an issue.