Curly Hair Services at Karma Seven Day Spa

Curly Hair Services at Karma Seven Day Spa

Unlocking the Beauty of Curly Hair: Curly Hair Services at Karma Seven Day Spa

Service List:

  • Curly Hair Cutting
  • Styling for Gorgeous Curls
  • Blow Dry Straight Transformation

We are Curly Hair Experts: Curly Hair Services at Karma Seven Day Spa

At Karma Seven Day Spa, we embrace the unique beauty of curly hair. While many may view curly hair as a challenge, we see it as a canvas for creating beautiful and dramatic hairstyles that will leave everyone saying, “Wow!” With years of experience and a passion for working with curls, our team has earned the title of “Curly Hair Experts.”

The Art of Cutting: Our expert stylists understand that a great, curly haircut is the foundation of any stunning style. We work with your natural curls to create a cut that enhances your unique beauty, whether it’s a trim to maintain your curls’ health or a more dramatic change.

Styling for Perfection: Styling curly hair is an art that we’ve mastered. We know how to work with the natural texture and patterns of your curls to create head-turning styles. Whether you’re looking for a chic updo, glamorous waves, or a playful and casual look, we’ve got you covered.

Blow Dry Straight Magic: Sometimes, you might want to switch things up and enjoy a sleek and straight look. Our Blow Dry Straight service is the perfect way to temporarily transform your curly locks into a different style, giving you versatility without compromising your curl’s natural beauty.

At Karma Seven Day Spa, we not only use the finest hair products but also our years of expertise to ensure your curls receive the special care they deserve. Our mission is to unlock the full potential of your curls and help you achieve the beautiful, dramatic hair you’ve always dreamed of.

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Curly Hair Services at Karma Seven Day Spa


Standard Women’s cut: $40
Ouidad cut: $90


Curly Styling: $40 – $60
Updo Curl: $75

Wedding styling: $150 & up

Blow Dry Straight

Short Hair: $35
Shoulder Length: $45
Long: $60 & up