An age-old therapy approach called cosmenergetics makes use of the universe’s energo-informational flows. Tibet is the source of this wisdom that has been adopted by western culture. Since energy and the energetic hierarchy are the only concepts that exist in the cosmos, cosmenergetics is compatible with all major world religions.

Cosmo Energy Healing at Karma Seven Day Spa

By enhancing one’s mental and physical well-being and, as a result, one’s life, the Cosmoenergy approach can help bring the body into balance and treat illnesses. The advantages start to show up right away. A person experiences the purging of built-up bad energy during the session, including hostility, fear, hatred, wrath, envy, etc. A more enlightened state of mind, spiritual development, liberation from negative and obstructive ideas, emotions, and behaviors, propensities to use drugs and other intoxicating substances, suicidal thoughts, and feelings of loneliness and despair.
It makes use of certain energetic frequencies that are intelligent and, depending on the quality they contain, have an impact on all living things. They have remarkable effects on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels when implemented. After all, “health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” according to the World Health Organization.
The therapeutic session lasts for about sixty minutes. Throughout the therapy, the patient stands upright, calm, and with their eyes closed. Because the channels are applied vertically, an upright posture is preferred. There may be brief symptoms of tingling, swelling, mild pain in specific areas of the body, or exhaustion throughout the course of the therapy or shortly after. It is crucial to allow the therapist to attempt energy diffusion using the frequencies they will be using. A confident and at ease person will sense the waggle the channels create, will be more conscious of the process, and will allow their spirit to override their personality. The patient’s aura field and energy centers are being cleansed by the therapist.
It is advised that a patient receives a series of sessions. A single series comprises roughly twelve (12) distinct sessions. Typically, the frequency doesn’t go above three times a week. Following a course of therapy, the patient should take a break to relax both mentally and physically. After a few weeks, one can continue with a new series if they so choose. Patients should acknowledge and honor the fact that healing is a slow process for them. The quality of an individual’s aura will determine the type and severity of their early therapies. Stronger therapy sessions can be pursued based on the extent of cleansing of one’s field and one’s commitment to change.
The Cosmoenergetics approach is profoundly successful and highly effective. It is intended for those who are prepared to make significant adjustments to their way of thinking, coping, and mindset. In addition to overcoming the illness or challenge, one will also free themselves from the psychological, emotional, mental, or spiritual circumstances that led to their original condition.
The procedure is not similar to the hypnosis method. Throughout therapy, the patient is completely aware of the present moment. ** This is not Reiki, it is a different form of energy work. After therapy, refrain from bathing for at least two hours.