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Best Spray Tanning at Karma Seven Day Spa

Spray & Slay

What are your goals? Well, we’re all about keeping that golden glow—the safe way, of course! Living in Florida, getting a tan is easy, but doing it safely while avoiding long-term damage to your skin can be quite challenging. Now, at Karma Seven Day Spa, you can revel in a healthy tan without worrying about the harmful side effects of UV radiation.

We’ve got you covered, quite literally! Our tans are meticulously airbrushed to ensure even coverage—no machines here! Don’t have time to exfoliate before your session? No problem! You can add an exfoliation treatment in our state-of-the-art hydrotherapy spa capsule for just $25!

Experience the beauty of a radiant tan the safe way at Karma Seven Day Spa. We’re here to help you glow without compromising your skin’s health.

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Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning at Karma Seven Day Spa: Before Your Tan

  • Shave at least 24 hours before your visit to ensure your pores are closed. This will prevent dotting in the pores.
  • Shower before arrival and exfoliate your body to remove dead skin cells, paying particular attention to elbows, knees, ankles, and dry areas. Rinsing with cold water will ensure pore closure.
  • For 24 hours before your visit, avoid using bar soaps, high-pH shower products, oil-based products, or in-shower moisturizers as this will act as a barrier against your skin and prevent proper tanning results
  • Before your appointment, make sure your skin is clean and dry. Avoid the use of make-up, deodorant, lotions, and perfumes prior to spraying.
  • Wear loose, dark clothing and flip-flops to go home. Avoid underwire bras.
  • Before your appointment, make sure your skin is clean and dry. Keep in mind that too much moisture causes tanning products to slide right off the skin.
  • Don’t apply moisturizer, perfume, deodorant, or makeup on the day of application.
  • Wear loose clothing to go home in

The Most Important Step After Getting Your Spray Tan is the Shower Process

After a few hours (preferably 5 or more), shower with lukewarm water. DO NOT USE HOT WATER. Using hot water stops the development of tan actives during the development time. This is a common mistake people make, especially in the colder months. (Not that we have much of that in South Florida). Once you shower, you can wear your favorite clothes, go out of the house, and definitely not stain the bed sheets. Your tan will develop into a natural tan without the hassle of fake tan staining and smell.


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Spray Tanning

Full Body Head to Toe $45Add a Body Polish for only $25

Our spray tans are airbrushed on by a real human being, not a machine, for even coverage.